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Published by HypeTune.com on August 3rd, 2010


HypeTune.com: You titled your album “The Path of Greatest Resistance.”  How did you choose this name and what is its significance?

Ryan Knorr: The title comes from a line in my song “The Chosen,” but overall I chose the title because I felt like this collection of songs represented the emotional roller coaster ride that I went through in deciding to walk down the path of greatest resistance, which is a music career.  Most of these songs came out of a time in my life when I was doing a lot of soul searching.  The result of that soul searching was that I ultimately decided that I wanted to pursue music, but from the subject matter you can tell it wasn’t an easy decision.  For a long time I denied the “calling” so to speak, and thought there had to be an easier road in life.  However, music kept pulling me in, and finally I realized that music chose me and there was a reason for that.  So I decided to walk down the path, even though I knew it was and is one of the most difficult career paths out there.

HypeTune.com: What is the driving force behind your lyrics? Which song is most personal to you?

Ryan Knorr: The driving force behind my lyrics is life in general.  That’s cliche to say because every artist says that, but I think it needs to be real emotion or life experience for the listener to relate to what the artist is saying.  Many of my songs focus on the struggles of life and they are really an outlet for me to get rid of those negative thoughts for a few minutes and put them into something constructive, like a song.  Other times, I write songs in more of a story form and this generally comes from hearing another person’s real life story and being moved enough to write something about it.  “This Bridge” is an example of that, where I wrote a song for a veteran who had been at war and was having a difficult time adjusting to life back at home.  And yet, other times I write songs as a sort of reminder to myself of what I could strive to do better.  Sort of like life lessons that I need to remind myself to work on.

The majority of my songs are very personal, but probably the most personal for me would be “What About Me.”  I wrote the song at a time when I had just finished college and was completely lost as to what I should do with my life.  It’s one of the worst feelings I had experienced when I was looking for an answer as to what to do next, but knew there was no one else that could live my life for me or make the decisions for me, so I had to figure it out for myself.  It wore on my mind constantly, and “What About Me” helped me to express that feeling of confuse on and it seems like most people have been able to really relate to the song.

HypeTune.com: In your biography, it says there came a time where you practically gave up on music.  Was it the struggle that discouraged you? What was the turning point that brought you back to doing what you love?

Ryan Knorr: Shortly after I wrote “What About Me,” I was still struggling with being lost and confused as to what to do next.  I had released my previous album “Reverie” just shortly before this, and I didn’t see many positives happening in terms of my music career.  This was before I had even thought about Youtube as a promotional tool and I really just felt like one of the million other artists out there who wonder if they’ll ever make a difference with what they are creating.  Something about that just brought me down far enough to where I had no interest in music for a while.  I think I was completely burnt out with it and I needed a break.

I don’t know exactly what brought me back other than just time away.  I didn’t really force myself back to it or put any sort of time frame on when I thought I needed to try music again, but what happens to me quite often is that I fear I won’t remember how to write a new song or that I might get writer’s block forever.  At one point I just remember thinking I needed to try to write something new, hopefully just to remind myself that I knew how.  It was slow going for a while, but then it seemed liked once I had the confidence back, the songs started to pour out.

HypeTune.com: What impact has Youtube had on your music career?

Ryan Knorr: Youtube has been instrumental in my career so far.  I can honestly say that without it, I probably wouldn’t be doing this interview and I likely wouldn’t have just completed another full length album.  The support I have received, and continue to receive on Youtube has given me the confidence to know that I can go further with my music career.  Knowing that I have fans from around the world waiting for my new material is something that I don’t take lightly, and it has allowed me to grow a fan base that will hopefully propel my career in the coming years as I get out to tour and continue to write.

HypeTune.com: What are your future plans in music?

Ryan Knorr: My primary goal all along has been to make music my full time career.  I am nearing that point and once I am able to do that, I believe I can start to accelerate towards the other goals I have.  I want to set up a tour so that I can get out and meet the people who are supporting me online, and I want to continue to write and make more albums.  Aside from those things, I always set new goals once I have reached the previous ones, so I’m sure I will come up with something more in the future.

Just For Fun:

HypeTune.com: If you could have any guest artist play on your next record, who would you choose?

Ryan Knorr: I think I actually have a couple here.  A friend pointed me in the direction of an artist who goes by the name City and Colour, but his name is Dallas Green.  I’ve been really drawn to his music in all aspects.  The writing is great and he has an amazing voice.  I would love to work with him on a song or have him as a guest on vocals.

The other would be John Mayer.  Whatever you think of the guy doesn’t really matter because the man can play.  I kind of got on the bandwagon late, but I got really into his Live in L.A. stuff.  I’m quite jealous of his guitar skills so to be able to have him do some guitar work on something would be a dream.

HypeTune.com: If another musician covered one of your songs, who would you want it to be?

Ryan Knorr: Some might be a little shocked to know that up until a couple years ago, I mainly listened to modern rock and that was pretty much it.  However, the first albums I remember really getting into were Matchbox 20, Goo Goo Dolls, and things like that, so I imagine those are some of my influences now.  But in terms of hard rock my favorite band is Seether.  They have done some interesting things with covers (Frank Sinatra, George Michael) so I would be interested to hear them take one of my slower stripped down songs and see what would happen with it.

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