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Published by on August 25th, 2011

After Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Kurt Schneider, and Selena Gomez (quite the list), she is the 7th most subscribed to musician on Youtube with an incredible 1.1+ million subscribers, and that is just the start of this brilliant musician’s story. Christina Grimmie, whose hometown is listed as Hyrule (a land in the universe of Zelda), is taking us all along for the ride as she embarks on her own magical journey. When we first came across Grimmie, we were mesmerized by her talent, by the fact that a young woman could take a seat in front of the camera with just a piano and her voice and completely blow everyone away. Grimmie displays an incredible tone and range, a talent that makes us believe she could sing anything.

A major turning point in her journey happened when she collaborated with Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider on an absolutely brilliant cover of Nelly’s “Just a Dream.” The video has close to 33,000,000 views. It was collaborations like these that helped Grimmie get her name out and get recognized for her raw, organic, and natural talent. Yet, the true talent lies in her versatility. While her voice helps explain the story, her skills on the piano and her songwriting/composing abilities have played key roles in her success. This has attributed to her highly successful original tunes, including the recent release of her debut album, “Find Me.” “Advice,” the first single off the album, not only found quick radio airplay, but was performed on Good Day NY. When the album released, it jumped to #2 on the iTunes pop charts and to #4 overall. That is an incredible accomplishment and a true testament to the power of independent/unsigned hype. It also brings us to one of the most important aspects of the exponential growth in her career, her fan-base. Grimmie has some of the most loyal fans we’ve ever seen. They are supportive, encouraging, and overall inspiring. Grimmie treats her fans with the ultimate love and respect and always delivers her best in their honor. It is a winning relationship.

Grimmie’s career as an independent/unsigned musician has taken her deep into the industry, performing backup vocals for Selena Gomez & The Scene, opening for Allstar Weekend and The Jonas Brothers at the Concert of Hope, and recently touring with Selena Gomez & The Scene. She’s also found a spot on the Billboard Social 50 chart. She has a long list of amazing accomplishments that only mark the beginning of a lifelong dream. Sample her hit single “Advice” below, off the debut album “Find Me,” whose amazing music video soared to the Youtube music homepage. After that, be sure to click the link to get the album on iTunes! Also, we have an EXCLUSIVE interview with Christina Grimmie! Check that out below as she discusses how Youtube has influenced her career, special moments with fans, future projects, and her very own picks! Find it all here, only on Get on the hype.

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donna cerca uomo Sicilia Congratulations on reaching over 1,000,000 subscribers! How has Youtube influenced your career as a musician?

couple cherche homme a Bourges Christina Grimmie: Youtube has allowed me to have a real connection and “friendship”, if you will, with my fans. And I LOVE them so much. It also allowed me to be able to do stripped-down covers, rather than a full production music video every time. I think people really dig the “one angle/live” feel. But production videos are nice once in awhile, of course!

donna cerca uomo Ravenna couple cherche femme a Lokeren You are currently at a pivotal moment in your career. You just released a highly successful album, have heard your songs on the radio, had your music video on the Youtube homepage, and are touring with Selena Gomez. What is the most exciting thing for you? What do you look forward to the most?

femme cherche homme a Courtrai (Kortrijk) Christina Grimmie: To be honest, performing all the time is the greatest, most amazing feeling in the world. What do I do in my room for pretty much 2-5 hours a day all my life? I sing. Pretending I’m performing. For the people that want to hear me sing. I wanna do it the rest of my life! I’m looking forward to growing vocally and skillfully writing-wise as an artist for future records. And of COURSE meeting the fans and interacting with them! :D uomo cerca uomo Verona How important is it for you to stay true to who you are when it comes to music? With all the growing popularity, have you felt pressure to slip into a more mainstream approach to your work? uomo cerca trans Padova Christina Grimmie: I have felt a bit pressured with mainstream. Because to be honest, I don’t want to go hardcore mainstream. At least not the rest of my life. Staying true to myself is SO important, and I never wanna because “just another pop artist”. I want to grow and learn and make all sorts of music. Maybe one album will be pop. Maybe the next will be pop/rock. Maybe the next will be a little more acoustic. And the next R&B! I’d LOVE to get into the different styles of music because I LOVE exploring vocally. But to be honest, soul is MY kinda’ music! femme cherche homme a Cayenne You are awesome with your fans. We feel as if that interaction plays a crucial role in an artist’s success. What do your fans mean to you?

Christina Grimmie: I can’t explain. I won’t EVER be able to explain what they mean to me. I’m a baby sometimes and just cry reading some of the things they write to me. There may come a day where I won’t be able to respond to them as much, and that KILLS ME inside, but I ALWAYS want them to know that without them, I wouldn’t be where I am. You’ve been lucky enough to meet a lot of your fans. Any memorable stories you’d like to share?

Christina Grimmie: On the Digitour was the first time I really got to perform for fans and meet them. 2 dudes gave me the official Zelda certificate for Phantom Hourglass. I literally went crazy! I was all, “WHERE’D YU GET THAT?!?! If you could collaborate/perform with any artist on a song who would you choose and why?

Christina Grimmie: I would be honored to sing Christina Aguilera’s “Impossible” with Christina herself. It’s my all time favorite song by her and she’s my all time favorite artist. If you could have anyone remix one of the tracks off “Find Me,” who would it be and why?

Christina Grimmie: SKRILLEX!! If he remixed any one of my songs, I’d lose it completely. The dude’s a dubsteppin’ genius! I listen to his music every day. Skrillex FTW! What can we expect to see from Christina in the next few months? What new projects will you be working on?
Christina Grimmie: Hopefully more performing, and hopefully getting into the studio more. Putting together more music for Team Grimmie! What advice do you have for unsigned/independent musicians try to make a name for themselves in the industry?

Christina Grimmie: As cliche as it is, if hate comes your way (and it will), embrace it. If you took any person you want in the entire world and put them in the spotlight, they’d get hate too. Everyone does! I certainly do. And if you get hate, in the words of Aguilera: “Makes me that much stronger; thanks for making me a fighter!” Or in my words: “I’M NOT FRAGILE LIKE THAT!” Any personal favorites here on

Christina Grimmie: Pretty much EVERY Tyler Ward cover or original you post. Especially his cover of “To Be With You”.

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