Alyssa Bernal [EP] – Alyssa Bernal (+ Exclusive Video Interview)

Published by on June 23rd, 2011

The web and social media have allowed musicians to express and promote themselves in a way that never before existed.  It has allowed brilliant musicians to be discovered and heard.  Alyssa Bernal is one of those musicians.  When she decided to post her talent on Youtube back in 2006, it changed her life forever.  After the quick success of her Youtube music channel, registering hundreds of thousands (to then millions) of views, Bernal was discovered by Pharrell Williams, an icon in the industry.  The recognition came full circle when she was offered a deal with Star Trak Entertainment/Interscope records.  She relocated to London for 2 months to record her debut album with one of her favorite producers, Martin Terefe.  Terefe has produced songs for Jason Mraz, KT Tunstall, Train, and more.

What is amazing about Bernal is that even with all her new success and multiple opportunities, she still keeps her family and her fans actively involved and engaged.  This past October, Bernal released her self-titled EP.  Although the 3-track EP is as powerful as a full-length album, it still leaves us wanting more. Her voice is beautiful, natural, and real.  Each track has its own unique qualities.  The song “Hold Me Tight” is an incredbile duet with Jason Wade of LifeHouse.  Now, Bernal has reached half a million subscribers on Youtube becoming the 24th “most subcribed to” musician on the site. is offering a stream of Bernal’s EP which you can check out below.  Like what you hear?  Click the link above the music player to purchase the EP on iTunes.  Also, check out her pages and watch some of her best videos.  We have an EXCLUSIVE video interview with Bernal below (and on our “Interviews” page)!  She gives us a glimpse into her progression, her projects, and offers some great advice for up-and-coming independent musicians.  Check it out!  Get on the hype.

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